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2011. áprilisában történt

5 évvel ezelőtt történt...

Space-based information for Crowdsource Mapping - UN Conference on Disaster Management and Emergency Response

From our daily mail. David Stevens, Head of  the Vienna based UN-SPIDER sent the following circular letter:

"Dear Colleagues,
The "United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response - UN-SPIDER" was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2006 with the following mission statement: "Ensure that all countries and international and regional organizations have access to and develop the capacity to use all types of space-based information to support the full disaster management cycle". Our ultimate aim is to help disaster management organisations access and use space-based information to support their work.
One of the core activities of the UN-SPIDER programme is the provision of technical advisory support to countries, including carrying out technical advisory missions. During these missions a team of experts meets with key disaster management authorities in the Government, UN agencies, regional and international organizations/initiatives and private entrepreneurs to discuss, make recommendations and develop guidelines to enhance the use of space-based information in disaster management. The purpose is to assess the current use of space-based technology and information for disaster management and emergency response, identify potential areas where space-based technology and information could play a greater role and contribute to improving the access to space-based technology and information.
The following Technical Advisory Missions are planned for the next 4 months:
    - Technical Advisory Mission to Sudan from 22-26 May 2011  - Technical Advisory Mission to Cameroon from 7-10 June 2011 - Technical Advisory Mission to Nigeria from 13-17 June 2011  - Technical Advisory Mission to Bangladesh from 20-24 June 2011 - Technical Advisory Mission to Sri Lanka from 8-12 August 2011
If your organisation is interested in providing support by joining one or more of these missions please do send an e-mail to us ( stating which country and the name of the expert being recommended to join the mission. 
Then as part of the one-year project “Space-based information for Crowdsource Mapping” we are organising a UN-SPIDER International Expert Meeting: Crowdsource Mapping for Preparedness and Emergency Response in Vienna, Austria from 5-6 July 2011. I am attaching the First Announcement of the Expert Meeting. If you are interested in participating we would welcome receiving an application from you. Please see the information and registration details at:
Thank-you for the support provided. Thank-you for your interest in the activities we organise. Please check regularly our knowledge portal for additional activities and news (
(See attached file: UN-SPIDER Expert Meeting Vienna 5-6JUL2011.pdf)
Programme Coordinator
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Vienna - Beijing - Bonn
Latest UN-SPIDER Newsletter -"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hungarian development: 4D Interactive Anatomy Atlas

Illustration: screenshot of the demo video of 4DAA

Interactive 4D Anatomy Atlas based on thousands of photographs taken by a special image capture system called NeuroArc™ imaging system and software.
For more information please click on the header. After 5 years of R+D the release of the Head and Neck editions have been announced.
Further news on the availability and special features:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HUNAGI at the Board Meeting of the Hungarian Space Research Council

The Board Members have been informed by HUNAGI representative on five topics:
1. HUNAGI supports the initiative to establish MSc courses in Hungary in Geoinformatics. 
2. HUNAGI/GSDI at the CEOS WGISS-31 hosted by USGS EROS Data Center
3. HUNAGI will host the CEOS WGISS-32 in Budapest in September 2011 with embedded Hungarian Session
4. Planned Geocarto International special issue devoted to Hungarian achievements in RS/GIS/SDI 
5. HUNAGI and the ISDE. Involvement in the formulation of the Digital Earth Vision 2020 and the opportunity to host the ISDE-8 in Hungary in 2013.
The Meeting was partly participated by Dr. Éva Menyhárt Deputy State secretary of the Ministry of National Development who expressed her interest on the activities of HUNAGI in the field of Earth Observation and Spatial Data Infrastructure. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New face for HUNAGI

The new logo for HUNAGI has been designed and produced by Ms. Réka Sajó, a young artist in graphics.
The logo can be downloaded from HUNAGI's Picasa album or in case if printing office quality is required it is also available by written request.
The first appearance of the new logo was actually at the 2nd HUNAGI Conference hosted by Hotel Gellért and even the international feedback was positive.
HUNAGI members and partners (including ITS Hungary, MLBKT, HUNSPACE, MATISZ) have been informed on the new logo yesterday by eNewsletter.
Our international partners such as  GISIG, EUROGI, GSDI, UNGIWG, ISDE, CEOS WGISS and other institutional links (including LAPSI, Plan4all, AGISEE, ) will be informed by the usual communication. The old logo might be used as banner.

News posted on the HUNAGI blog of carefully selected events

11th Geospatial Technologies Conference, Balatonalmádi
GIS and Local Governments, Debrecen
FP7 - Space , Budapest
Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Era, Berlin
2nd Geospatial Summit, Budapest
PCC Conference and Plenary, Budapest
Cloud Computing, London
ISPRS WG 4.1 SDI, Guilin
SDI in Agriculture and Environment, Prague
1st LAPSI Conference, Milano
INSPIRE, Edinburgh
ISDE-7, Perth 
GEO-VIII Plenary, Istanbul and many more...
In order to access to the information click on the header and use the translation service if necessary.
New entries will be posted soon:
Plan4all WS, Ljubljana
Open Government Data in Europe, Budapest
Plan4all WS, Prague
3rd Geospatial Summit, Doha
WGISS-31, Sioux Falls
WGISS-32, Budapest

Digital Earth Vision 2020, EUROGI Members Day

To read more about the ISDE WG Meeting hosted by CEODE, Beijing and the EUROGI Members Day devoted to the activities of SADL, K.U. Leuven please visit the Hungarian Newsblog by clicking on the header and using the translation service offered.

UN-SPIDER News Update March 2011

In order to read the newest update HUNAGI received today, please click in the header.

2011. márciusában történt...

5 évvel ezelőtt történt...

Az angolnyelvű HUNAGI blogon (2011. március)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hungarian world record in aerial imagery resolution

Illustration source: 
In order to see the ultrahigh-resolution aerial photographs with the value-added zoological information, please click on the link:, or Ground pixel size: 1,8 cm.
The image was taken by Interspect Ltd. above the Capital Zoo and Botanical Garden in Budapest. 
Additional background information:
Szent István University, Institute of Botany and Ecophysiology
H-2103 Gödöllõ,
Páter K. u. 1.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The importance of discussion and dissemination forums

Illustration source: GIM International March 2011
GIM International column "Insider's View" and the relevance of the 2nd HUNAGI Conference on Digital Spatial Planning - a reality or utopia?
For reading please click on the  header

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Downloadable presentations and snapshots of the Hungarian Plan4all Workshop

In order to download the presentations please click on the surname of the speakers. The total memory size of the presentations are about 150 MB

Barkóczi Zsolt elnök
Prof. Mauro Salvemini elnök 
Térségi tervezés és térbeli adat infrastruktúr Európában  (EN)
Dr. Corrado Iannucci
ismerettovábbításért felelős szakértő
Dissemination manager
EUROGI/Plan4all projekt
A Plan4all projekt lényegi összefoglalása és főbb célkitűzései, eredményei (EN)
Dr. Szaló Péter
építésügyért felelős helyettes államtitkár
Deputy State-secretary
A térségi- és településtervezés és a térinformatika a Belügyminisztérium szemszögéből
Horváth Gábor István
Földügyi Főosztály főosztályvezetője
Head National Mapping and Cadastre Agency
Vidékfejlesztési Minisztérium
A téradatok hozzáférésének kérdései
Fekete Gábor
e-Közigazgatásért felelős helyettes államtitkár
Deputy State-secretary
Közigazgatási és Igazságügyi Minisztérium
e-közigazgatási alapelvek
Ongjerth Richárd
ügyvezető igazgató
Executive director
MUT Magyar Urbanisztikai Tudásközpont Kft
Térinformatika a térségi tervezésben -  alkalmazások a Magyar Urbanisztikai Tudásközpont gyakorlatában
Dr. Almássy Kornél
Fővárosi Főpolgármesteri Hivatal Közterületfenntartó
Budapest: térinformatika a városüzemeltetésbenés várostervezésben
Dr. Nagy Zsuzsanna - Roel Vanhout
Project expert
Területi döntéstámogató rendszerek

Schuchmann Péter – Mándi József
Planning experts
PestTerv Kft.
A tervezők térbeli adatokal szemben támasztott igényei
Christian Eizinger vezető szakértő
senior expert
AGEO/CEIT Alanova (AT)
Térbeli adatinfrastruktúra támogatás a térségi tervezés számára – CentropaMap és CentropaStatistics (EN)
Jiri Hiess elnök -
Dr. Robert Fencik 
CAGI (Cseh Közt)
SAGI (Szlovákia)
Haladó gyakorlat a Visegrádi országokból
Juhász Géza Péter – Göncz Annamária
VÁTI Nonprofit Kft.
A területrendezés és -fejlesztés adat- háttere és technológiai megoldása
Toronyi Bence főigazgató
A digitalis ingatlan-nyilvántartás szolgáltatásfejlesztése
Dr. Takács, András Attila főosztályvezető-helyettes Deputy Director-general
Vidékfejlesztési Minisztérium
Metaadat-szolgáltatás a természetvédelemben
Dr. Kovács A. Tamás  irodavezető,
HUNAGI LAPSI  Csapat h.vezetője
Deputy Chair, HUNAGI LAPSI Team
Kovács A. Tamás Ügyvédi Iroda
Közadatok hozzáférésének és újrafelhasználásának jogi kérdései
Kurenkov Vjacseszláv
VÁTI Nonprofit Kft.
Elektronikus közműnyilvántartás

Contributed off-line presentations (due to multiple schedule conflict the speakers apologized not being able to attend the conference):

               Tomas Mildorf et al        Plan4all projekt            Korai projekteredmények
               Dr. Kai-Uwe Krause       Hamburgi Városháza    az XPlanung 

Forrás: HUNAGI NApló (2011. március)